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Graphic Design Careers

For information about graphic design careers, please take a look at our awesome mothership – The 7 Day Design Course

Discover the Key Skills that Most Graphic Design Courses Fail to Teach — Find Out How You Can Run an Awesomely Successful Business and Earn Stacks of Cash! 🙂

Much like many other design students I started my freelance career with no idea how to do the business side and actually make money out of it — my business skills SUCKED! But then I started to notice what was working (and what WASN’T!) and soon everything changed…

I’ve been able to put all the information that has made a massive difference into a 7 Day Design Course to fill in all the major gaps that other courses don’t offer…

These graphic design careers course gaps include:

  • 7 things that are more important than talent,
  • 7 ways to make sure you’ll always be in demand,
  • 7 business-crushing mistakes you can easily avoid,
  • 7 simple techniques to massively speed up your progress and
  • 7 crucial concepts to guarantee you have an amazingly enjoyable
    and extremely profitable freelance graphic design career

If you’re looking into other graphic design schools (or are already enrolled in one), then I know you’ll get a lot more than you expect out of the 7 Day Design Course :)

Please complete my registration of interest form on the homepage
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